آموزش زبان انگلیسی
آموزش زبان انگلیسی ,آموزش گرامر انگلیسی , مکالمه انگلیسی, اصطلاح , لغت , تست , سرگرمی , ضرب المثل, شعر , داستان , نکته ها ی مهم , و اخبار جالب..

"آموزش رایگان حق شما است"

موضوع بندی
دوشنبه 1 دی‌ماه سال 1382


درس این جلسه در باره ی پاره ای از افعال است که معانی متفاوتی را دارند.مانند have,take,do,get و ... . درس امروز درباره ی have است.

A      what can you have?

You can have…

1        have lunch

2        have a party

3        have a lesson

4        have a cup of tea/coffee 

5         have a shower


 B     other things that you can have



Other things



Dinner      breakfast       a meal       something to eat


A party

A meeting     a competition        a game(of football/chess/cards)


A lesson

An exam      homework        an appointment(with the doctor)



A drink       a sandwich       an ice-cream        some cheese


A shower

A bath        a swim              a sauna 



C     expressions with have

Is that your camera? Can I have a look? (=look at it)

Is that your bicycle? Can I have a ride? (=ride it)

Goodbye! Have a good journey! (=somebody is going away)

Do you have a moment? (=have some time) can I have a word with you? (=speak to you)

We always have a good time in our English lessons.(=fun, we enjoy them)

I’m going to have my hair cut. See you later. Can you meet me at the hairdresser’s?

I want to learn ski but I don’t have the time.



D      have + got (speaking/informal) = have (writing/formal)

I’ve got three sisters. Have you got any brothers and sisters?

My house is big. It’s got five bedrooms three bathrooms.

We’ve got ten minutes before the rain goes.

Have you got a pen?

I’ve got a problem. Can I have a word with you?

I’ve got a cold.



E         have to

The museum is not free. You have to pay $10 to go in.

All the students have to do the exam.

I haven’t got a car so I have to walk to work every day.

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