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If sentences (present/future)

Compare these exaples:

Tom: I think I left my lighter at your house.Have you seen it?

Peggy: No, but I will look.If I find it , I will give it to you.

In this example there is a real possible that  Peggy will find the ligher. So she says If I find….


Debbie: If I found 1000$ on the street , I would keep it.

This is a different type of situation.  

در مثال اولی Peggy  به احتمال زیاد (It is possible that …)  فندک Tom را پیدا کنه.ولی در مثال دومی Debbie  تصور می کنه اگر 1000$ پول پبدا کنه با اون چیکار میکنه.به این نکته توجه کنید تصور میکنه که اگه چنین چیزی برای او پیش بیاد چیکار خواهد کرد.

When we imagine a future happening like this, we use a past tence form (did/came/found,etc) after if, but the meaning is not past:

Peggy wouln’t lend me any money If I asked her.

What would you do if you won a million dollars?


We do not use would in the if part of the sentece:

I’d be very frightened if someone pointed a gun at em. (not if someone would..)


Sometimes it is possibile to to say if…would when you ask someone in a formal way.

از کسی رسمی چیزی را در خواست میکنید:

I would be very grateful if you would send me you brochure and price list as soon as possibile.


You can also use could and might:

They might be angry if I did not visit them.

If it stopped raining we could go out.


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