آموزش زبان انگلیسی
آموزش زبان انگلیسی ,آموزش گرامر انگلیسی , مکالمه انگلیسی, اصطلاح , لغت , تست , سرگرمی , ضرب المثل, شعر , داستان , نکته ها ی مهم , و اخبار جالب..

"آموزش رایگان حق شما است"

موضوع بندی
چهارشنبه 5 مرداد‌ماه سال 1384
تست تافل

سلام.این هم چند تا تست تافل.برای تستهایی که زیر انها خط کشیده شده
گزینه ای را که نادرست است را انتخاب کنید.جوابهای خودتون رو نگه دارین تا من دفعه بعد
که پاسخ ها را خواهم گذاشت شما با جوابهای خودتان مقایسه کنید.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Toefl (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

1)     The Impressionists were interested in how… a given subject through the feelings of the artist.


(A)   depicted

(B)    could they depict

(C)   to depict

(D)   depicting



2)     Experiments verifying aspects of the theory of special relatively ... until the advent of space travel.


(A)   have been conducting

(B)    could not have been conducting

(C)   had conducted

(D)   being conducted



3)     Lotteries are games of chance … a player’s chance of winning, is governed by nothing more than random luck.


(A)   in that

(B)    that in

(C)    that

(D)   in



4)     Hillary Clinton... has been a leading attorney for the past twenty years.


(A)   is the advocate for children’s rights

(B)    an advocate for children’s rights

(C)   that an advocate for children’s right

(D)   the advocate for children’s right



5)     The seating of students in a classroom is designed ... to minimize personality conflicts and to maximize student performance.


(A)   the teacher of

(B)    from the teacher

(C)   the teacher and

(D)   bye the teacher



6)     Thanks to the use of saline water sources, desert areas can now be termed arable where once.... crops nor animals could survive.


(A)   neither

(B)    nor

(C)   nothing but

(D)   none other



7)     Virtually all philosophers agree...in an objective way.


(A)   beauty that are defined

(B)    beauty they define

(C)   defining beauty

(D)   that beauty cannot be defined



8)     Where does a  river intersects another river, a city usually is formed.


9)     How many dinosaurs initially survived the asteroid impact with the Earth, which ultimately cause the extinction of the species, is open to question.


10)Reptiles must always to avoid extremes of temperature if they are to maintain appropriate body heat.


11)An orangutan is similar to a human because has a nearly identical DNA pattern.


12)Atlanta, Georgia, is a hub of air and train transport, as well the leading symbol of the new South.


13)It has often been observed that love songs are a curious mixture of   either the bitter and the sweet.


14) The way in which Ice Ages occur remains a puzzling, for recent meteorological records can tell us little about the process.



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