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چهارشنبه 3 آبان‌ماه سال 1385
Happiness In a Nutshell



A woman approached the great violinist Fritz Kreisler after one of his concerts...

She said, "Mr Kreisler, I would give my life to play as you play!"
He turned and smiled and said, "I DID!"

If you want to be really good at something, you might need to spend your whole life practising ... or ten years practising ... or at least six months!

A hundred years ago, most people understood this. Nowadays, people want instant results

For whatever you want to do, here's a strategy ... practise every day, but don't expect to see progress every day!

If you are:

* getting your body fit

* learning a language

* refining your golf swing

* taking singing lessons

* learning a new sport, beginning a hobby, starting a new career ...

give yourself enough time.

Get a daily plan, stick with it ... AND allow yourself time to improve.

You might see little progress in a month. Give it six months of effort - or a year of effort - THEN assess your improvement.

Most people quit too soon!


To be successful, this is what you need - in order of importance:

1. Patience and persistence
2. Talent  

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