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یکشنبه 28 بهمن‌ماه سال 1386
Tea: The Elixir of Life

Tea: The Elixir of Life

Delicious, low-calorie, and brimming with antioxidants, tea is quickly becoming the most commonly consumed beverage worldwide, after water. Even in the U.S., its popularity is rapidly growing. And why not? With the health benefits you stand to gain, you, too, will want to drink up.

Soak Up the Health Benefits
It is no wonder that tea is the beverage most commonly enjoyed by centenarians around the world. Tea is full of powerful antioxidants that improve concentration, gently boost energy, and make people happier. The free radical-inhibiting property of tea is more potent than that of vitamin E, and tea is a proven preventive and treatment for atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The polyphenols in tea, especially the catechins, are powerful antioxidants that help ward off diabetes and cancer.

To get the most health from your tea, brew it fresh from tea bags or loose leaves and herbs, as instant and bottled teas contain less active compounds. Let the tea steep for three to five minutes to extract the most beneficial compounds. Drink to your health!

Cut the Morning Coffee
For many people, the first thing they reach for in the morning is coffee. Although it may initially give you a jolt, coffee actually depletes your vital essence, "borrowing" energy that you didn't have in the first place.

Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant. It causes you to experience stress, anxiety, a racing mind, and even insomnia, working against your attempts to relax the body and calm the mind. A healthier alternative to coffee is herbal tea. On average, a cup of black tea contains about one third of the caffeine you would get from the same cup of coffee. Green tea contains about one sixth of that amount.

Of course, caffeine content will vary depending on the particular tea and the brewing time. One way to naturally decaffeinate your tea is to steep for 45 seconds, pour out the liquid but keep the tea leaves, then add fresh boiling water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes or longer to allow the beneficial polyphenols to be extracted from the tea.  

Slim Down with Tea
As a weight loss tool, tea is a wonderfully cleansing way to flush the system, replace fluids - and pump the body full of powerful antioxidants at the same time. Aside from the health benefits, tea is a zero-calorie beverage, making it your best choice for weight loss. Pass on the diet soda, loaded with sugar and bone-weakening bubbles, and go for tea.

It is best to drink tea unsweetened and without milk, which can minimize some of the health benefits. To sweeten the tea without the extra calories, forgo the sugar and try instead honey, stevia products, or a stick of cinnamon.

The Healthy Varieties of Herbal Teas
Aromatic and chock full of amazing health benefits, herbal teas are made from various leaves, roots, bark, or flowers. Here are just a few:

  • Ginger: Soothes the digestive system and keeps your energy fired up
  • Chamomile: Settles the stomach and is calming and soothing for the nervous system
  • Peppermint: Increases healthy gastric secretions, relaxes the intestines, and settles the stomach
  • Dandelion: Detoxifies and supports healthy liver functions
  • Valerian: A natural herbal substitute for sleeping pills

You can combine these herbs in any combination according to your taste and health preferences. Among my patients, an incredibly popular herbal tea is Internal Cleanse Tea, which is specially combined to detoxify, calm nerves, clear the mind, balance emotions, and ease digestion. This tea formula is available online at askdrmao.com.

I hope you reap the powerful health benefits of tea! I invite you to visit often and share your own personal health and longevity tips with me.

 May you stay healthy, live long, and live happy!


Dr. Mao

پنج‌شنبه 25 بهمن‌ماه سال 1386
Happy Valentine’s Day ‎


Happy Valentine’s Day 


پنج‌شنبه 18 بهمن‌ماه سال 1386
شما هم می‌توانید قسمتی از برنج گرسنگان جهان را تامین کنید.

شما هم می‌توانید قسمتی از برنج گرسنگان جهان را تامین کنید. تنها کافی است در وب سایتی که به این منظور منتشر شده است بازی کنید. اسپانسرهای این وب سایت در مقابل بازی شما، هزینه برنج مورد نیاز را تهیه می‌کنند.


این بازی از ۷ اکتبر سال گذشته میلادی، اولین روزی که به روی اینترنت قرار گرفت تا امروز ۱۵ میلیارد و ۷۵۶ میلیون و ۳۰۰ هزار دانه برنج روانه انبارهای برنامه جهانی غذا کرده است.


اگر کمی انگلیسی می‌دانید همین الان شروع کنید. جواب سوالات را بدهید. پاسخ مثبت به هر کدام از سوال ها ۱۰ دانه برنج را به بشقاب مجازی اضافه می کند. این بازی موجب تقویت زبان انگلیسی، تقویت حافظه، مکالمه و نوشتن شما خواهد شد.

با مراجعه به این لینک می‌توانید ویدئوی توزیع برنج‌هایی که به این روش بدست آمده‌اند را مشاهده کنید.


همین حالا شروع کنید زیرا تنها قدرت انتخاب و تصمیم گیری است ما انسان‌ها را از سایر جانوران متمایز می‌کند. هیچ‌گاه کمک به هم نوع به این سادگی نبوده است.

شک نکنید. فقط یک کلیک لطفاً: http://www.freerice.com



سه‌شنبه 9 بهمن‌ماه سال 1386


To Live Is To Love 
To Love Is To Feel  
To Feel Is To Hurt
To Hurt Is To Lose
To Lose Is To Hate 
To Hate Is To Heal 
To Heal Is To Change
To Change Is To Risk
To Risk Is To Love 
Love Is A Risk Everyone Takes
 Some Of Us Win
 Some Of Us Lose
Its A Lottery Of Hearts
You Never Know What To Expect
Just Keep Playing The Odds And Pray For The Best ...
Have Fun And Keep Your Masks On





The Odds

the balance of advantage; superiority in strength, power, or resources:
the chances of something happening or being the case.

at odds in conflict or at variance.
it makes no odds informal, chiefly Brit. it does not matter. [from an earlier use of odds in the sense 'difference in advantage or effect'.]
lay (or give) odds offer a bet with odds favourable to the other better.
over the odds Brit. (especially of a price) above what is generally considered acceptable.
take odds offer a bet with odds unfavourable to the other better. 

پنج‌شنبه 4 بهمن‌ماه سال 1386
مکالمه روزمره آمریکائی
 این جملات انگلیسی معادل، همه کاملا صحیح و رایج هستند.
۱- اگر رد بشی شانس دیگه ای نداری
If you flunk out you won't get a second chance  
2- عصبانیم نکن
 Don't get on my bad side.
۳- خوب گوش بده ( این رو تو مغزت فرو کن ) دیگه نباید او مسئله رو شروع کنی
 Now , get it straight . You shouldn't get started on that again.
۴- دلم برایت می سوزد
I feel sorry for you.
۵- این آخرین پیشنهاد منه ، می خوای بخواه ، می خوای نخواه.
That's my last offer, take it or leave it.
6- انتظار دارم این مسئله را خیلی جدی بگیری.
 I expect you to take this seriously.
7- اگر نمی خواهیم از پروازمون عقب بمونیم بهتره که الان حرکت کنیم.
We'd better take off now if we don't want to miss our flight.
8- بهتره تصمیمتو بگیری .
ِYou'd better make up your mind.
9- فقط ایندفعه رو بهت اجازه میدهم ، بار دیگه نه.
I let you have it this time, but not anymore.
10- تو دخالت نکن (این به تو ارتباطی نداره )
Keep out of this - This is not your bussiness - Don't try to get involved.
11- همون قدر که به تو ارتباط داره به من هم داره .
It's just as much my bussiness as yours.
12- اگر روی اون نون را نپوشانی زود خشک می شود.
If you don't cover that bread, it will soon dry out.
13- صبرم داره تموم می شه .
My patience is running out.
14 - با اون کاری نداشته باش .
Don't mess with him.

دوشنبه 1 بهمن‌ماه سال 1386
آموزش زبان انگلیسی tongue-twister


مرسی بابت لطفتون به این وبلاگ

تمام تلاشم اینه که به بهترین نحو کمک کنم تا همه بتونن از این وبلاگ آموزشی نهایت استفاده رو ببرن

درضمن از عزیزانی که دردانشجو یا فارغ التحصیل ادبیات و مترجمی انگلیسی هستن و مایل به همکاری هستن

اگر اعلام آمادگی کنن دعوتنامه براشون میفرستم تا در خدمتشون باشیم.میخوام در آینده راجع به فن ترجمه و ادبیات انگلیسی مقاله بزارم.

یه بخش جدید رو اضافه کردم به نام :


Which means:

noun a sequence of words, typically of an alliterative kind, that are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly.

She sells sea shells by the seashore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.
So if she sells shells on the seashore,
I'm sure she sells seashore shells.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
How many pecks of pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck would chuck no wood since a woodchuck can't chuck wood.

But if a woodchuck could chuck wood and if a woodchuck would chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

If a woodchuck could chuck wood and if a woodchuck would chuck wood, should a woodchuck chuck wood?

A woodchuck should chuck wood as long as a woodchuck could chuck wood and as long as a woodchuck would chuck wood.

A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as it could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

برای عضویت در خبرنامه این وبلاگ نام کاربری خود در سیستم بلاگ اسکای را وارد کنید
نام کاربری
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