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چهارشنبه 23 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1388
Déjà vu



 I'm not one of those people who live in a life of dreams or one of those who keep daydreaming about impossibles. I'm one of those people who use logical deduction to explore the world round. Although I'm this kind, I'm going to share a bad but memorable story of mine with you.  

       It all starts from a simple daydream. Once when I took a bus to work; I saw an old man who was daydreaming. I made him an object of ridicule among the people on the bus by poking fun at his funny posture. That night when I went to bed, I had a weird dream about what I hadn't known. First of all I was trudging my way through the quick sands of an endless desert. The hot wind sighed heavily in my ears. After a long exhausting walk on the sands; the hot weather winded me and made me stand still for a moment. While I was catching my breath, I tried to peep through the sunlit sands which were swinging in the hot air of that desert. I saw something. Yes! I saw something. There was something there. I ran to what was supposed to be an oasis, sadly it was nothing but a mirage. While I was left destitute in midst of a vast desert I saw a savior! A man in white. A man between a camel's humps who came and gave me a hand. 

       In the next morning I didn't pay any attention to what I had seen. I said it was just a dream. It wasn't important enough to me to spend my time on. Some months passed and nothing happened until a day when I was travelling between the states for work I found out that I have a flat tire. When I got out fixing it I realized what I couldn't believe; all the tires were punctured and I had only one spare. I looked around to find a help but I was in the middle of nowhere. There were only farms and trees as far as you could see. No man, no life and even no living creature. I tried to call for help but my cell's battery was dead. It was just when I burst a vessel and decided to move the car on flat tires. I did so after some miles I lost the control and hit a tree. Now that I didn't have any beacon of hope to rescue myself, I was forced to wait for somebody to come and rescue me. I went out to take a walk. It was like a dead byway. I decided to roam around to see if there is anybody there or not. As I was walking carefully in a jungle like road as noticed bird which were chirping, trees which were rustling in the winds, gleams if Light which was flickering among the wind, sun which was spreading it's light generously on the universe. And to sum up I saw the world living beside me, I saw what I didn't until now. As I was deep down in my thoughts suddenly I found myself; and picked myself up. I got nothing to do but getting back to the car and waiting for the world to offer me a solution. I did so. As I was in my car all alone, hungry, thirsty, and fed up I started thinking. Thinking about my life, about my past and my action. The second day it was the same story. I had dozens of sobering thoughts crashing into my mind and reminding me of my mistakes about my beliefs and way of living. It was then, when I found myself an exile in my own country, it was just the time, when the most arrogant man's eyes filled with tears. Tears of shame, tears for a long lost life, for lost opportunities and it was when I shed tears for the very first time in my life. It was the very first time when I talked to my God and ask him for some help, it was. That night I had the same dream I did some months ago. In the morning I felt free like birds in the sky, powerful like sharks in the oceans, strong like bears in Antarctica, patient like a tree which keeps thousands of birds in itself. It was all because I had heard a voice in me which whispers 'God will never forget you'. Oh! What a nice voice it was. After two or three hours a car was passing there offered me a ride which I took gratefully while I was pondering on my invaluable experience.

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