some sentences about life
1) Your enemies could be anyone. Mostly those that are close to you hurt you most.


2) In short, life is what we choose to make it.

3) We have to fight our way to success. It is an uphill battle. We have to resist becoming discouraged.

4) As difficult as it is, we can still make it. The answer to being a winner is in having the right outlook. If you see yourself as a victim and cringe at every difficulty, you will be miserable and have little success. If you see yourself as a victor, and enjoy matching wits with your obstacles, you will succeed. Life becomes what our dominating thoughts make it.

5) We must direct them in the right direction.

6) A recent study found that optimists outperform pessimists ten to one. Attitude is everything.

7) Negative thoughts drain your energy and positive attitudes bring passion and optimism.

8) His father was a pessimist and barely scraped out a living. He forced himself to think positively and be optimistic, because he did not want the failures his dad experienced.

9) Since life is not on easy street, but difficult avenue, and we are always struggling our way uphill, we cannot afford to dwell on doubts and fears.

10) Those who are relentless in their pursuit, and take advantage of compound interest in their investments can fulfill their dream to be financially independent.

11) There is a mixture of good and bad thoughts in everybody's mind. But you can change the track of your thoughts. You can change the bad and negative into the good and positive.

12) Reading is a rewarding habit. And if you read motivational books then it's even better. Motivational and inspirational books are packed with positive energies.

13) If you mess up just start over.

14) Stop taking today for granted. A great today will give you an outstanding tomorrow.

15) Put in enough effort and follow that up with action success will come.

16) There's so much to do, so little time. I don't have enough hands, or I need to be able to clone myself to get it all done.

17) But even the perception of those people living in a dangerous situation can take a positive spin.

18) With a clear mind, you can think much better and make wise decisions more.

19) Telling someone about your problem is a form of releasing bad energy from your body.

20) Remembering good and happy memories will get your mind off the problem and will also let yourself to be the normal you.