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English phrasal verbs with آموزش زبان انگلیسی

Some common business English phrasal verbs that use "on". 

Get on = (1) have a good relationship with someone: "She gets on well with the Accounts Director" 

= (2) to progress: "How are you getting on with the launch?" 

Take on = employ people: "We aren't taking on any more staff this year." 

Go on = continue: "Please go on. I'd like to hear more about your plans for the new office." 

Sit on = to stall or delay something: "We proposed this some time ago, but the Chairman has been sitting on the plans and we're no further forward." 

Build on = use your successes to go further: "They built on their early success and soon expanded to become the biggest catering firm in the South East." 

Crack on = work fast: "I'm sorry I can't stop and talk – I need to crack on with some work." 

Work on = use your influence with someone: "Leave it with me – I'll work on the boss over the next fortnight." 

Pick on = bully: "She feels that her colleagues are picking on her because she is so popular with management." 

Decide on = choose: "What colour have you decided on for the staff canteen?" 

Hold on = wait: "Please hold on and I will see if Mr Harris is available." 

Pass on = give a message to someone: "I'll pass your message on to her when she returns." 


Try on = test someone's authority: "Don't take any notice of his behaviour – he's just trying it on with you!"

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آموزش زبان انگلیسی English phrasal verbs with

Some common business English phrasal verbs that use "down". 

Back down (or climb down) = to no longer stick to your original ideas or position: "After weeks of negotiating, she backed down and accepted their conditions." 

Break down (1) = examine the different parts of something: "The profits break down in the following way – 50% profit in European sales, a 20% profit in North American sales and a 30% profit in Asian sales." 

Break down (2) = when communication stops between two parties: "The negotiations broke down after two days." 

Bring down = destroy something: "A series of disastrous investments brought down the company." 

Cut back on = reduce something: "The government has cut back on its defence budget." 

Drive down = work hard to reduce prices or costs: "Over the last year we have driven down the distribution costs." 

Live down = when other people can forget a bad reputation: "I was two hours late for the meeting and now my colleagues will never let me live it down." 

Play down = minimise the importance of something: "She played down the fact that her father was the boss." 

Set down = put something in writing: "The conditions are set down in the contract." 

Stand down = resign: "After ten years at the head of the company, the chairman has decided to stand down." 

Take down = write notes in a meeting: "Can someone take down the minutes?" 

Wear down = argue so much that the other person abandons their position: "The unions finally wore the management down on the issue of overtime pay." 

Write down (or note down) = write something: "Could you write down your mobile phone number?"

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