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پنج‌شنبه 12 خرداد‌ماه سال 1384
Abbreviated styles

تافل بخش شنیداری هم داره.
و اما ادامه درس

Abbreviated styles 

Some styles of writing and speech have their own special grammar rules, often because

Of the need to save space or time. 

1) Advertisements and instructions 

Small ads and instructions often leave out articles, subject or object pronouns, forms of be and prepositions. 

Cars wanted for cash. Contact Evans, 6 Latton Square.

(Not cars are wanted for cash…)  

Single man looking for flat oxford area. Phone 806127 weekends. Job needed urgently.

Will do anything legal. Call 31563. Pour mixture into large saucepan, heat until boiling, then add three pounds sugar and leave on low heat for 45 minutes.

Can be assembled in ten minutes. Easy to clean. Simple controls. Batteries not included. 

۲)    Notes

Informal notes, diary entries etc often follow similar rules.

Gone to hairdresser. Back 12.30.

Book tickets            phone Ann            see Joe 11.00                  meeting Sue lunch 

The same style may be used in postcards and short information letters.

Dear, Gran

Watching tennis on TV. A good book. Three meals a day. No washing up. Clean sheets every day. Everything done for me. Yes, you’ve guessed-in hospital!!

Only went to doctor for cold-landed up in hospital with pneumonia!! If you have time please tell the others-would love some letters to cheer me up.

Hope to see you.

Love, Pam 

۳)    Commentaries

Commentaries on fast –moving events like football matches also have their own grammar. Less important verbs are often left out.

Goal kick…and ball… the score still Spurs3, Arsenal 1….that’s Pearce….Pearce to Coates...Good ball…Sawyer running wide…Billings  takes it, through to Matthews, Matthews with a cross, oh, and Billings in Beautifully, a good chance there- and it’s a goal! 

4)    Titles, notices etc

Titles, labels, headlines, notices and slogans usually consist of short phrases, not complete sentences. Articles are often left out, especially in the names of buildings and institutions.

 Royal Hotel

Super Cinema

Information office

Bus stop

Police out

More money for nurses 

5)    Headlines

Newspapers headlines have their own special grammar and vocabulary.

Record drugs haul at airport: six held
Four die in blaze

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