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New American Streamline

New American Streamline



New American Streamline is an intensive three-level series geared to the interests and needs of young adults and adults. Like the original American Streamline, this completely new edition combines natural language, everyday situations, and extensive practice of all four skills to give students a practical command of simple, spoken American English.

The three levels of New American Streamline (Departures, Connections, and Destinations) can be used as independent texts or sequentially as parts of a series

Student Books

Each of the eighty, one-page units contains:

  • Interesting, humorous conversations, featuring key grammatical points.
  • Full-color, all-new illustrations and photographs throughout to motivate students.
  • New communicative and listening exercises.
  • A strand weaving together important and relevant functions.
  • New grammar summaries and an index for students' reference.
  • Split Editions of the Student Books are ideal for shorter courses. Part A of each Student Book covers Units 1-40; Part B covers Units 41- 80.

Teacher's Books

The spiral-bound, interleaved Teacher's Books contain the full-color pages from the Student Books plus:

  • Detailed teaching notes and drills for each unit.
  • New suggestions for additional communicative and role-playing activities.
  • An updated introduction outlining the underlying methodology.
  • Workbook Answer Key.
  • Tapescript.


The illustrated Workbooks provide additional written practice. Language summaries at the top of each page focus the student on the key grammatical/functional points. Two-color, lively art keeps students' interest. Printed examples enable students to work independently. For each level, Workbook A covers Units 1- 40 of the Student Book; Workbook B covers Units 41- 80.

Cassettes and CDs

The all-new Cassettes and CDs contain the conversations and texts from the Student Books, featuring a variety of voices, regional accents, imaginative sound effects and realistic pacing.

Achievement Tests

Photocopiable Achievement Tests will enable you to assess your students' progress at each level of New American Streamline. An Achievement Test Cassette offering the listening exercises for all levels is also available.



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