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Essential expressions for managing a project in English

Essential expressions for managing a project in English

Whether you're a project manager or just a member of a project team, you can't avoid all the project management lingo flying around in offices around the world today. The problem is many of these expressions can't even be found in the dictionary. Just rely on our project management guide to learn today's office talk for tomorrow's projects!

Define the scope One of the first steps in project management is to determine the impact and the boundaries of a project, in other words creating the project scope. The scope should provide a description of the end products expected to be produced by the project.

Establish a timeline Next you should decide the time frame that specifies when each step of the project should be completed. By creating a timeline you will be able to know if you are on schedule throughout the life of the project.

Specify target outcomes How do you gauge the success of your project? It's important to specify target outcomes, or desired results that have measurable benefits, to use in determining your success

Determine necessary outputs Take time to think about the products, services, and business or management practices, otherwise known as outputs, that you will need in place in order to achieve your target outcomes.

Put a project team together People are the key to the success of your project. Select capable employees to take part in the project team - the team of people working together to accomplish the project - assigning appropriate roles to each.

Record milestones When members of the project team complete a scheduled key activity or task, make sure it is recorded. Milestones are either completed or not completed, and they can serve as a progress marker for the project.

Create baseline metrics Progress and performance should be evaluated using baseline metrics, which are a set of indicators that performance should be measured against.

Set a budget cost Determine how much you anticipate the project will cost, and set a budget cost at the start of the project. Later, you can refine your budget and make it more detailed.

Produce deliverables In order to ensure satisfaction of contractual requirements, you'll need to produce deliverables, such as reports or products that must be completed and delivered. Make sure they are produced on time!

Execute risk management In every project, there will always be risks, or threats that may hinder the successful completion of the project. A good project manager will execute risk management processes by identifying, analyzing, evaluating and treating potential risks.


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